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Worship Encouragement- Planning on Purpose


What if you played the songs that contain a message of where you want to see your congregation in five years?  As worship leaders, we are the shepherd of the music we are introducing to our church. We are the leader. We are leading the charge. We are planting seeds. We have the opportunity to plant a seed of faith in our congregation, and that seed has the opportunity into grow oaks of righteousness. Why are we choosing the songs we are choosing? Is it because they are popular or trendy? We can plant a seed of vanity with me-focused songs; we can plant a trendy seed, but that trend will die out. If we plant a seed for the future, then it will bear fruit.  When we are purposeful about what we are doing through our worship and where we are going, the natural by-product will be a response. If we plant the flavor of the week, the by-product will be the flavor of the week. That trendy song could be good, but the heart behind introducing it needs to be purposefully moving our people in a direction that bears fruit, not just being on-trend. Let the message of the songs plant seeds for the future. If you plant seeds, fruit WILL come. 

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