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Worship Encouragement- Feedback and Worship


Timely and specific feedback is essential to team growth. If we are to be leading and discipling our worship team, then feedback has to happen. It should be specific—it is hard to change what you don’t really understand. It should be timely—if too much time passes, forgetfulness will set in and habits start to be formed.

The Lord doesn’t wait to gently correct us. He prompts us pretty quickly. The enemy, on the other hand, holds onto things and then replays the tapes over and over again. There is opportunity for growth when the Holy Spirit brings things up. There is only condemnation when the enemy does. What great spiritual principles that follow in leading our team!

When communicating feedback, communicate with truth and love. That’s where building relationship with your team is so important. When it’s part of relationship, they know where you’re coming from. When covenant relationship is developed, there can be an expectation and understanding of honest and open feedback.

Make a point to communicate appreciation to your team. Be intentional about it. As you start to develop this into a habit, maybe even calendar it out. Recognize birthdays. Recognize worship team anniversaries. Make big deals out of big deals, and make big deals out of small things. Tell your team they are your favorite. Don’t assume they know how much you love, appreciate, and pray for them. If you are overcommunicating appreciation, it will help them receive feedback even better.

As a leader, we create the culture of our team. What do you want your worship team culture to look like? Check out Keith Tucci’s podcast HERE on creating team values. Bruce Lengeman’s book, Kingdom Culture, is another great resource on Kingdom culture creation and can be found on Amazon HERE.

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