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Worship Encouragement- Auditions: The Heart

AUDITIONS: THE HEART There are a lot of talented people out there. When we are looking at adding members to our worship team, is the goal to get all of the talented people or to build the team? 

In Acts 2, we see the birth of the church. Acts 2:42 They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Here we see 5 things that the first century church did when they gathered together. These things should be evident when the church gathers together…even if it is the worship team.

  • Devotion: We are in this together. We are devoted to the Lord. We are devoted to each other and devoted to getting better. It’s a commitment.

  • Apostles’ Teaching: We value the Truth and the Word. It’s not that we just want our team to know cool songs, but we value the Truth and Scripture.

  • Fellowship: This word literally means “to give yourself to someone else as a gift.” There should be an evident trust and commitment with one another.

  • Breaking bread: Share meals. Build community. Gather together in each other’s home. It’s not just a group thing, but an individual thing. In the Old and New Testament, when you share a meal with someone, it was s a big deal. It showed your commitment and good will towards them.

  • Prayer: They would worship together. That’s what we do as a team. There is value in prayer and pursuing the Lord together. (Idea, especially if you don’t have weekly practices: Try to gather together once a month just for prayer. Leverage technology and do it via video chat.)

We build a team. We need people with a baseline of skill. But the whole point is we are devoted together, we value the Truth of Scripture, there is an atmosphere of trust and commitment, we are a relational community, and we are communing with the Father.

Acts 2:47 …And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved. It is the Lord who adds and the Lord who saves. The disciples created the atmosphere, and the Lord did the adding and saving. If we can create an atmosphere that honors the Lord and creates good community, we can be confident that the Lord will add and bring the right people in the right season.

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