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Keith Tucci

NRP Apostolic Team Leader

I want to give you a firsthand report of our Winter Leadership Conference. It’s always good to be together–and more and more necessary in the unsettled context we are currently living in. If fellowship is essential in the Church (and it is), how much more for those of us attempting to offer leadership in some capacity to the Church? The precept of Healthy Leaders/Healthy Churches pivots around life-giving relationships. As we have witnessed firsthand, virtual meetings/calls cannot do what in-person fellowship and connection does. This past week, we enjoyed great fellowship at our conference!

Rick and Darlene Sinclair and a group of leaders that serve with them were well-received and gave great impartation, both in the family realm and the church realm. We also did several interviews and a series of quick vision-sharing moments. I got a lot of good feedback on those. Our worship team from the Tabernacle Church in Louisiana served graciously, and I think I can say without equivocation that we were all refreshed as we magnified the Lord. The hospitality of Freedom Fellowship was great, and all the tech folks were on top of all of it.

I want to appeal to you to put uplifting, equipping, fellowship opportunities on your calendar. Doing things on purpose is the foundation of visionary leadership. We have youth pastors and leaders INTENSIVE coming up in March, and our women’s FLOURISH conference is in April. We want to pull all the stops out for the ladies like we do for BOB, so get the word out! We also have our first ever leadership connection for next generation leaders happening in Pittsburgh, PA, in June & July.

When you invest in yourself and encourage others to do the same, you are sounding the alarm that you intend to move forward! A thank you to all who did this through attending and serving!

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