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Valentine's Day


Penny Tucci

Keith and I have always enjoyed using holiday times and seasons to draw people together, strengthen body life, and to invite new people to the church.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we want to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to connect as a body, celebrate godly love and marriage, and have fun! Valentine’s Day is a time when men are often at a loss for how to set aside meaningful time with their wives that is actually fun and interesting. One of the most popular and fruitful things we did with Living Hope Church was to have a dinner and dance right around February 14. We would sell tickets in advance that covered much of the cost. We would hire a caterer and either use the church building or rent a facility. We’d share a lovely dinner as couples together and then have a playlist which allowed opportunity for couples to slow dance together. How often do Christian couples get to do that? There would often be a funny skit or song, usually performed by some of the men in the church. Keith and five other guys were the Temptations one year and sang “My Girl.” It was great! Another year, we had many of the wives bring their wedding gowns and displayed them on the platform. People voted on who they belonged to. That was a lot of fun, too.

These things can become a great outreach tool. I remember a couple who was not from the church commenting one year that it was so nice to see Christians actually having tons of fun together. Whatever creative idea you may come up, it can not only create a nice opportunity for the couples in your church, but can also be an inviting evening for people in the community.

Here is a resource that offers a wide variety of videos for every occasion and holiday. You may want to purchase one for Valentine’s Day this year and show it at your services:

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