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The Value of Preborn Life

Okay. I’ve held my peace long enough! Look at the response to the COVID-19 virus. Isn’t it great that we live in a society that values life above personal liberty, financial gain, or security?

Let’s look at their reasoning: My liberty to go to work or church stops when it is perceived or estimated that this liberty could potentially be the cause of somebody’s death. After all, if there is no right to protect life, the other rights are moot points.

And yet, amazingly, the argument FOR the pre-determined, pre-arranged murder of unborn children violates every life-saving point of action now being so intensively employed! And those who don’t abide, comply or agree are scorned as selfish, uncaring, and ignorant.

The argument for killing the unborn rests completely on the mother’s convenience. No one argues any longer that it’s not a child. The right to kill is now more ghoulish. It’s the powerful snuffing out of those who can’t defend themselves.

Killing little boys and girls is supported for any reason or no reason at all. No reason needs to be given for a mother to kill her child. The mother’s comfort or not having her life interrupted is paramount above all else. Asking her to be inconvenienced in any way is deemed unacceptable. And, unlike the COVID-19 virus, where a small percentage very sadly do die, in the case of abortion, the baby dies 100% of the time in the most horrific manner imaginable.

So, in response to COVID-19 where responsible citizens bear great inconvenience and, for many, a large cost for the sake of hopefully saving someone’s life, isn’t it time we ask moms to endure some inconvenience that will in every case save a life?

The right to life is the foundation of civility. Now that we have had this painful opportunity to be reminded about our potential cooperation in saving a life, let’s apply that reasoning across the board and be more willing to challenge people to see the hypocrisy in not making this connection!

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