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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

This is a press release from Keith Tucci, NRP Apostolic Team Leader. A monumental victory has been won at the battlefront of the pro-life movement. Spread the word. “The passage of this pro-life resolution is a historic event!”—Pastor Keith Pavlansky.


For Immediate Release:


In Yadkin County, North Carolina, the board of commissioners voted 5-to-0 to pass a resolution to be a safe place for unborn children. Pastor Keith Pavlansky, who led the charge, stated, “Yadkin County is the first full county in the nation to become a sanctuary for preborn children. This resolution is the first step in adopting a culture of life in our community.” Keith Tucci, the former director of Operation Rescue National and a leader with the Network of Related Pastors said, "True sanctuary areas are designed to protect the innocent, not the guilty. We are asking pastors and other pro-life people across America to declare that unborn children in their areas are safe from the abortionist’s knife.”

Keith Tucci can be reached for comment at (724) 309-7546 or emailed at

Keith Pavlansky can be reached for comment at (336) 469-0590or emailed at

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