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Updated: Sep 9, 2022


Living Stones Church, Indiana

This year, over 300 students around the world are graduating from ROAR schools in Honduras, Guatemala, Zambia, India, Laos, Vietnam, and the US.

In the month of July, 74 students graduated from 2 ROAR schools in Honduras. These students met together monthly or weekly for nine months, studying topics like prayer, theology, the Kingdom of God, the local church, pastoring, and cross-cultural mission. They learned together and grew in their spiritual walks. They have committed to use what they have learned to affect not only their local churches in Honduras, but all the nations of the world.

One couple (pictured below) was ordained at the graduation to be sent out to start a church in El Salvador this coming January.

Earlier this month, 2 classes graduated from theROAR in Lusaka, Zambia. Students there were part of the full-time associate program, earning a degree in Christian Ministry. What a joy to see these students–not only trained for ministry, but also being prepared to be sent out to other nations, where the fields are “white unto harvest.”

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