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Keith Tucci

NRP Apostolic Team Leader

One quality of sound leadership is quickly responding to unforeseen obstacles that would attempt to impede or distract your vision. It’s at those times that leadership is thrown under the microscope or onto the stage. It’s important to remember that leadership, by its very nature, is proactive.

Good leaders focus, think, and act ahead. Usually it is not very glamorous, but like the guy who keeps his oil changed because he’s planning on getting a lot of uninterrupted miles, proactive leadership is the foundation of building confidence in those around us that empowers them to follow our lead, not just our suggestion.

You have probably noticed the increasing attack on gender specificity. It’s not your imagination that just when you think it couldn’t get more insane, it does. I won’t list all the abominations here. The fact that we have males competing as females and against women in athletics because they would like to be a woman says enough.

This is also an invitation for leadership to come forth in the Church. I believe we should be celebrating what the world is attempting to eliminate, namely, that God has made a distinction between male and female. I am confident that the Holy Spirit has creative ways for the Church to do this. I am equally confident there are a host of men and women who are not buying into this demonic push. They are looking for clarity and affirmation. Why should that not be the Church?

I think there is a great harvest field for families that are not confused about how they were made, that is male and female, but are not familiar with Who made them. Things we’ve done forever, like special ministry opportunities for men and women, now take on a whole new light. What was once practical, now becomes prophetic! Good leaders will proactively be considering these opportunities.

For years, BOB has been the highlight of my year. Having hundreds of men together now takes on a whole new role. In addition to being a great connecting and equipping tool, as we come together, I expect a greater prophetic corporate mantle to fall on us. Our theme this year is “Possess the Land.” This is exactly what God is calling us to do! What an opportunity we have to affirm and celebrate who we are, what we have been made for, and who we are called to possess the land with. I can’t more strongly urge you to attend one of the Band of Brothers gatherings and to reach out to other guys who have never been to one and bring them along. There is nothing like the sound of hundreds of men declaring the glory and purpose of God. It will be a prophetic event!!

BOB NORTH in Crown Point, Indiana, on Oct. 07-09

BOB SOUTH in Chalmette, Louisiana, on Oct. 21-23

Click HERE to get a notice as soon as registration opens.

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