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Plan on Voting! by Keith Tucci

How important is it for a Christian to vote? I think there are principles in Scripture that we could glean from that would not only encourage us to vote, but give us a sense of joy because we GET to vote. Let’s look at a couple of truths that we usually don’t associate with voting.

We are familiar with the principle of the lesser found in Luke 16, “He who is faithful in a small thing…” How can Christians expect to have dominion in our culture when we don’t enthusiastically go to the polls? I am well aware that we have flawed candidates. Yet, in spite of that, there is usually a candidate that has a clear position on a critical issue. In our lifetime, that issue is the sanctity of life.

Remember Namaan, who was offended that Elisha told him to go wash in the Jordan to be healed? The counsel of his servant should speak to us…

2 Kings 5:13

Then his servants came and spoke to him and said, “My father, had the prophet told you to do some great thing would you not have done it? How much more then when he says to you ‘Wash and be clean’?”

Often, we are willing to sacrifice much hard work, but then not willing to do the little things—like vote. Can we even pray in faith about a serious issue that we are not willing to cast a vote for it?

There’s a covenant principle found in Numbers 30. While it applies primarily to a family, the central truth is that if we remain silent when we hear something and don’t object to it, then our silence is an “amen.” When we don’t vote, we are saying “amen” to the status quo.

How about the unity principle? Being in one accord and lifting our voice together? These items are Kingdom realities that we bring to earth when we vote.

I’m voting for Trump/Pence because there are key issues like the sanctity of life, judicial appointments, Christian liberty, national defense, and public defense that I believe are critical to a society where the work of the gospel can flourish. 

Plan on voting! Ask your friends to vote. Educate people on the issues. Have voter registration available at your church or organization. Put a sign in your yard that lifts up your voice. Let’s be faithful in the little and ask God to handle the big.

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