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This past May, Pastor Keith Tucci convened a group of mission-minded NRP pastors at Living Stones Church in Crown Point, Indiana, to discuss the possibility of a new joint mission venture between NRP and GlobalROAR. The strategy? To start a nine-month ROAR ministry training school in new countries where NRP pastors have a relationship with a seasoned, national pastor who has a desire to initiate accelerated training among his leaders or with other pastors in his region.

Currently, theROAR has 13 schools, operating in 8 countries. Curriculum is available in a full-time, four-day-a-week, residential format for those wanting to be trained in ministry. It is also offered in three-day, monthly modular terms for those already in leadership or pastoring a local church. Both models cover identical material. Monthly terms include: Introduction to Ministry, Principles of Prayer, Christian Life Disciplines, Theology, The Kingdom of God, Strategic Leadership, The Local Church, Effective Pastoring, and World Mission.

As a result of the May meeting in Crown Point, ROAR Administrative Director Susie Bashta, GlobalROAR Senior Field Missionaries Clay and Anita Brooks, ROAR Registrar Ashley Roll, and NRP pastors Eric and Michelle Johns (Buffalo Dream Center) met in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Johns hosted several days of meetings for the launch team to introduce pastors from Honduras and Guatemala (that they have known and worked with for many years) to theROAR.

The exciting results? Plans are now in progress to start four new ROAR schools—three in Honduras and one in Guatemala. Two of these ministry training schools will begin in November 2021 and two in January 2022. We expect over 200 students in the first year alone, and translation of theROAR curriculum into Spanish has already begun!

If you would like to be involved on the front end of this NRP/GlobalROAR initiative or you have a national pastor you already support who might want to host a school in his country, please contact Dick Bashta, ROAR Intl. Director, at 708-989-8909. To receive more information about being part of a teaching team in Central America or to give monthly support for translation, contact Susie Bashta at

Join us as we partner together to turn the Great Commission into the Great Completion!

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