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NEW BOOK from Keith Tucci!

"When I read The God Who Intervenes, I found myself choking up. I had no idea this incredible pastor, husband, father, and leader started life in such despair. Naturally speaking, Keith was destined to become another statistic and die a violent death at a young age. God obviously had other plans. The story of how God found and rescued Keith, gave him Penny and an amazing family, makes me love and worship Him more deeply. This book will help you lean into a God that loves you beyond your circumstances, pain, and limits. You will be compelled to expect that the same God who liberated and grew Keith into a "Father in the Faith," can take you to your God-ordained finish line.

–Pastor John Nuzzo from Victory Family Church in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

From the streets of Pittsburgh, to influencing Christians and non-Christians around the world, Pastor Keith Tucci has experienced the intervention of God—and everything changed!

In his new book, The God Who Intervenes, he peels back his life and reveals how you can seek and find the intervention of God in tough times and in unsettling circumstances. Have you been there? Pastor Keith has, and invites you to discover how our Lord thrusts Himself into your circumstances, and will give divine insight into the breakthrough that you need.

He has seen the impossible become possible, crash become recovery, and brokenness repaired better than new. Your tough circumstances are no match for the God who intervenes.


From Pastor Rick Paladin, lead pastor at Bridge City Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

The stories in The God Who Intervenes are going to open up your eyes to see how God can and will intervene in your life when you are simply living out your faith daily. God has done remarkable things with and through Keith Tucci over the past decades, and his life story is sure to help you see the supernatural be a part of your daily life!

Keith is one of the most influential men in my life. He has helped fashion and form me into the pastor and leader I am today. He consistently challenges the people and leaders of Jesus’ church to live up to their fullest potential as salt and light in their communities, country, and world. His life is a demonstration of faith and fullness of what God can do through someone who is totally dependent upon Him.

I met Keith when I was 18 years old, and ever since the first day we spoke, he has lit a fire in my heart to serve and see Jesus be the head of His church. He has been one of the most confrontational, inspirational, intimidating, and prophetic men I have ever met!

I remember the day he first pulled up in front of my house and asked me to go for a ride. As we drove around the east suburbs of Pittsburgh, he shared with me a vision and picture of what Jesus’ church could look like. I still remember my heart pounding and my hands sweaty with fear, excitement, and joy all at the same time, thinking I could be a part of this move of God! It was one week later that I began serving in my church, which only had about not twenty people. And here I am now as the pastor of that same church, nearly four decades later. This is the only church I have ever been a part of, mainly due to the foundation and ministry of Keith.

I have a strong bias for action over discussion and clear direction over discourse. I learned that from Keith’s ministry. I remember listening to his contagious conviction over the abortion issue, which led me, along with hundreds of others, to be arrested several times in different states, all because something needed to be done about this abomination in our country. There is always a method to his movement—he clearly sees problems as opportunities. We will never know how many people are alive today, all because of Keith’s ministry.

Keith made a decision to go to the Soviet Union when it wasn’t safe, cool, or timely in the life of our church. But when God spoke, he obeyed. He was available and determined to be faithful to whatever and wherever God called him. This allowed people in our church an opportunity to step up, and fulfill God’s call in their own lives.

An experience that forever affected my life, was when I saw our church of 75 people raise over $75,000 cash in one offering for a new building. Keith envisioned us. To this day, this is still something that has forever marked me. This building that we bought was an old, dilapidated school building that was in such bad shape that even kids stopped breaking into it because there was nothing left to destroy, burn, or break. And yet, this is the building that we have launched several churches and campuses out of to this day. This all happened because God intervened!

Watching Keith and his wife, Penny, serve and sacrifice together, has been a real blessing. Together, they have gone against the grain of society in the size of their family (eight children) and served God through difficult circumstances. They have moved, lived in different states, and together have made a big difference for God’s purposes. I have seen firsthand that every time God intervened, Penny was by Keith’s side, hearing, believing, and stepping out with him!

Three things I have learned from Keith’s lifestyle:

1. What it really means to be Holy-Spirit led. When Keith hears God about going to a foreign country, starting a local project, or starting a new initiative, he acts. He is in love with “what-has-God-said?” and knows that the “how” will come later. The God Who Intervenes is about how God leads us to do more than we could ever accomplish on our own.

2. Keith also taught me about believing the best concerning people with whom he is serving. He is able to take those who serve around him, and see them accomplish far more than they ever thought possible, simply by demonstrating that he believed in them. Keith’s mantra for others is, “Availability is your greatest ability.” If you get around him, you are going to get in over your head, because after all, that is when God shows up. In The God Who Intervenes you will learn that God believes much more in us, than we even believe in ourselves.

3. Keith has shown me what faithfulness to the call of God really looks like! If we’ll simply do what God asks us to do, full of faith, God makes up difference. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. In The God Who Intervenes you will learn about the currency of faith and faithfulness.

As you read this book, get ready to see your faith go a whole new level as you experience God showing up in your daily life.

The Holy Spirit is going to have you take some bold steps of faith, so I encourage you to not merely acknowledge Keith’s story, but get ready for your own journey to take some twists and turns you might not have expected. God is like that! Make room for God to show up and the Holy Spirit to set you up. Jesus will help you step out to your supernatural lifestyle!

I am a better leader because of Keith’s leadership, a better man because of his faithful example, and deeper follower of Christ because of the way he follows. And all of this because of God’s story being written through Keith’s life, and The God Who Intervenes.

--Pastor Rick Paladin

lead pastor at Bridge City Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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