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Monthly Prayer Focus--May

The Lord commissioned me to release Judgment Decrees against the ungodly who are trying to divide and destroy our nation. He also commissioned me to release Prophetic Decrees for Revival and Reformation.

It is revival for the survival of our nation!

Judgment Decree

“Joshua defeated his many enemies because the Lord foughtfor his people!”Joshua 10:42

Yes, Lord, fight for your people! By Your power and might, remove the enemies of our freedom—the Radical Left, the Globalists, and the Deep State! Do so in Jesus’ name!

Revival/Reformation Decree

“Now restore usagain, O God of our salvation! Won’t you revive usagain so that we will rejoice in You!” Psalm 85:4, 6

Restore us! Revive us! Empower us! And propel us into Your purposes!

Together we war! Together we win! Bro. Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

May Itinerary

May 04-05 Life Church in Mississippi with Pastors Frank & Tonia Hornsby

May 19 Cornerstone Church of Amite in Louisiana with Mervin & Dasha Strother

May 26 Pierre Part Christian Church in Louisiana with Pastors Gerald & Julie Daigle

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