Monthly Prayer Focus--June

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Dear Pastor & Intercessor,

The Father has commissioned me to push back the deep darkness over our nation and to release the glory and power of heaven. Today, I do so with your agreement in Jesus’ name!

Lord Jesus, You said that You gave us all authority over demonic power! Therefore, in Jesus’ name, we bind the principalities of abortion and witchcraft that are dividing and destroying our nation!

Also, we declare the day of Your power! In the day of Your power, our sons and daughters will come forth as the dew of the grass. Therefore, come in awesome power and irresistible holiness in Jesus’ name!

Together we agree and decree. Together we win in Jesus’ name.

Rejoicing, Bro. Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

June Itinerary

June 02 LifeHouse Church in Louisiana with Pastors Stephen & Laura Aguillard

June 06 Fellowship of the Unashamed in Louisiana with Pastors Nick & Jill Bergeron

June 21-23 Church of the Living Water with Pastors Kent & Sherry Grimes

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