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Missions Update November 2019


Jesus' last command to make disciples of all of the nations (Matthew 28:19) should be our greatest concern! We should be a missional people, not just congregational. What happens after we leave our church buildings is just as important as what happens in the building. Mission trips not only fulfill the great commission, but give people opportunity to be stretched in their faith, be developed and released into ministry, see the world beyond their life circumstances, and connects them to bigger opportunities and bigger problems than we normally face in our everyday life.

NRP is coordinating several mission trips, giving people the opportunity to go and serve, but to also help equip the local church by strategically sending people who will be inspired and who will bring back to their church a more mission-focused culture. These teams will be led by men with extensive mission experience.

Honduras | June 17-24, 2020 for more information click HERE

Guatemala | July 07-14, 2020 for more information click HERE


The River Church | Pastor Steve Crombie | GUATEMALA

In July, a team of 8 people from the River Church in Minnesota went to assist Wesly Sanchez in ministering to the people of Guatemala. Some spent a day and a half strengthening a group of about 20 mountain village pastors with encouragement and impartation from the Word of God. The team also provided paint, concrete, and labor to complete a few projects for existing churches. They open-air preached from a hilltop over a village that Wesley had been praying for a work to begin. They went door-to-door to share the good news of the gospel and invited residents to the town center to enjoy a free meal, Bible story skits performed for children, piñatas filled with candy, and a night showing of the Jesus film. Many unbelievers attended, and seeds were sown in faith, believing for lasting fruit to come! 


Bethel Church | Pastor Troy Thomas | AFRICA

In August, a team from Bethel Church in Louisiana went to Africa. They held training sessions for local pastors and crusade outreaches. People would stay three and four nights at the crusades, waiting for services to start the next day. The team not only ministered to the people there, but fed them three meals each day. They would teach the material, help them study it, and then leave them with free books to continue studying. People were filled with the Holy Spirit and healed in their bodies. Lives were changed forever!


Buffalo Dream Center | Pastor Eric Johns | HONDURAS

At the end of August, the Buffalo Dream Center out of New York led two teams in Honduras. One of the most memorable outreaches was at a hospital that serves people who have no insurance and cannot afford health care. The team spent time praying for people who were waiting outside to get in and distributing water and food to them. Inside the hospital, the team was able to pray for many patients—many of whom were mothers who had just given birth. The team did several outreaches during their time there including going to seven schools, and they reached three thousand children with the gospel. Many of those who went on the trip were teenagers who had spent the summer interning at the Buffalo Dream Center. It was awesome seeing those young people preach and pray for the sick. They were involved in ten straight weeks of ministry!

HONDURAS Testimony: One night during the second trip, Mary, a team member, prayed for rain. There had been no rain for nearly six months, and crops had failed. Many families were hungry and without food. Some families had not eaten any food for four or five days at a time. Twenty-four hours after praying for rain, a crowd gathered for the final campfire outreach. It did not take long before the rain began to pour down! It was an incredible miracle. After thirty minutes of rain, food was distributed to the people, and they gathered around the campfire once again. Testimonies were shared, and people gave their lives to Jesus! You can see a video of the rain on the Buffalo Dream Center’s Facebook page. It was an incredible miracle and testimony of Jesus to the people.


Iglesia Cristiana Sion | Pastor Frank Rondon | HONDURAS

A team of six people from Iglesia Cristiana Sion in Pennsylvania joined the Buffalo Dream Center team in Honduras. The team had an amazing time.

  • “Exposing our church members to this type of experience is key in the discipleship process, and it has helped us shape the culture of the church.” –Pastor Frank Rondon

  • “It was amazing seeing so many people filled with the Holy Spirit and healed. I, too, was filled and healed.” –Carmen (this was her first mission trip)

  • “Playing my trumpet, being part of the drama, and serving as an interpreter has made me feel much closer to God.” –Evan

  • “I wish my whole family could have been there with me.” –Casta

  • “Going on a mission trip was an incredible experience. Pastor Eric and Michelle organized this trip in such a way that we were able to minister in many different contexts, both urban and rural. One part that really stood out to me was doing an outreach in the village next to the garbage dump.” –Stephanie


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