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Let the Engagement Begin

“Look before you leap” are famous words of caution. I like that phrase because it doesn’t suggest that you should not leap; just know where you are going to land.

Last night, word got out about a leak regarding the Supreme Court and Roe vs Wade. We should take a long look at why the leak was generated.

More than likely, this leak was not generated to help the pro-life cause. We cannot be certain the information contained in the leak is 100% reliable. The leak was done to further someone’s agenda. Leaks are classic ways to distribute not only information, but dis-information.

My immediate thought was this was done to try to influence upcoming elections. Quasi pro-lifers who are merely pro-life by convenience will be very vulnerable. We should pray for those who are indeed pro-life to be bold and courageous.

On the other side, we need to force the pro-death folks to say what they really believe. I’ve always held that they are, in fact, our best advertisement. What they really believe is: Death at any time–for any reason or no reason at all.

This battle was generational. It’s not just that morality has caught up with the vain pro-death argument. The facts and science have, as well. Likewise, we now face a generational seesaw battle. You can be sure the next presidential election will be front and center on the life issue. We need to be in this for the long haul.

The battle will now shift, not only to states, but even cities and counties. The voice of the Church, to be clear, will be a determining factor! There will be debates among very sincere pro-lifers as to how to best accomplish the demand to protect babies and their mothers. We need to be biblical, not just pragmatic. We need to pray and work towards unity.

The other obvious theory on the leak is to give the pro-death camp a head start on their propaganda and strategies in media and politics. We need to have our own plans, not to just respond to all the bunny trails they set before us. Leadership will be critical, and it should come from the Church.

The other clear thing this presents to us is this: We can no longer use the Supreme Court as a shield to our inactivity. We won’t be able to blame them or look to them for relief. They will not be culpable for our activity. The ball, so to speak, appears to be coming our way. We will no longer be able to say that there is nothing we can do.

Let the engagement begin.

In the Master’s Service,

Keith Tucci

NRP Team Leader

Please pray for the five justices who are involved in this decision–Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Corey Barrett. Pray for divine safety and protection. Pray that they will be resolute in their decision and not affected by political or demonic pressure.

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