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Get Your Sails Up

Get Your Sails Up

Keith Tucci

NRP Apostolic Team Leader

As we begin to regather as believers, the landscape will be different. The winds of adversity will have blown some people into unfruitful places where bearing fruit is no longer a focus of their life. Those same winds will have also had the opposite effect on others who will now be a part of sowing and reaping on a local church level. The wheat and tares grow together. It’s the wind of adversity that separates them. According to Luke 3:17, the wind of the Holy Spirit also does the same. We have experienced the wind of the Holy Spirit, with more gusts to come. Now we need that wind to move us to the place of His pleasure and purpose.

Here are a few things to not only help you weather the storm, but also to help you get your sails up:

  1. Be discerning. There are, and will be, many speculations related to the virus and the government. Make it a rule for yourself (and pass it on to others) that our opinions and suspicions are just that. They are plentiful, but our fellowship and mission are not determined or held hostage by them.

  2. Be clear on the difference between philosophical, political, economic, and theological principles. Be a Bible applier.

  3. Don’t let anyone hijack the mission with their fears or suspicions. Accommodate people, but don’t placate ungodly attitudes, ideas, or behaviors.

Get your sails up. Believe for the wind. It is coming!

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