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Sandy Moon

Harbor Light Christian Center, MI

This year’s FLOURISH was amazing and beyond words! The love of God was flowing everywhere–you could see it, feel it and absorb it. This success came through the actions of so many beautiful women. One of the ladies that came with me for her first time made this statement, “Even though I knew none of these women, it immediately felt like I was family, as if I knew them forever!”

When I reflect back on the weekend, it brings tears to my eyes. The theme for the weekend was “Loving Well.” This was so wonderfully displayed in action and deeds by all the presenters, which quickly spread to the whole assembly.

All the speakers were anointed, and God spoke strongly through them. During prayer on Friday night, you could see that everyone was touched and received ministry. It was especially encouraging to see that many different needs could be ministered to through prophecy, healing, repentance and forgiveness, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

I was given a word of prophecy while being prayed over. The Lord confirmed that word the next day through one of the speakers. These are truly the identifiers of the Presence–when the prophecy, the worship, the speakers, and the joy of the Lord merge to make an exceptional weekend possible.

A great deal of work and sacrifice go into an event like this. Our leadership in NRP were “all hands on deck”--from Mary Agulliard and Penny Tucci, to our hosts Dr. Ron and Marion Johnson, along with a full support staff, willing speakers, and countless volunteers. Thank you for displaying the love of God to strengthen and forever change so many. We are truly “Loved Well!”

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