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COVID or Coercion

COVID or Coercion

by Keith Tucci, NRP Apostolic Team Leader

It seems that the tone of those who feel strongly that the government, schools, and employers should demand that people receive a vaccine in spite of their personal objections is centered around “morality” rather than reason or even personal opinion. It is being suggested that those who refuse the vaccine for many varied reasons are unthinking or uncaring. My perspective is the opposite.

It is suggested that “anti’s” are all political conservatives who are swallowing conspiracy theories and internet rants. While conservatives are more likely to be suspect of government mandates or unproven edicts, that does not mean that they reject the vaccine on that basis. In most cases, they have, in fact, investigated the vaccine. The fact that multitudes are putting something into their body that they do not know (nor does anyone know) the long-term effects of is not necessarily reasonable. It’s blind assumption to say the vaccine is harmless. Those who argue for science being the determining factor can’t produce support for that thought because there is no science on the long-term effects--only unsubstantiated assurances.

Even if the day comes when there is compelling evidence of no long-term harm, those who choose to use self-determination should not be singled out or punished in any way for their convictions. There are those who think procreation should be limited to save the environment, and that having children is irresponsible and is not taking into account the effect it has on others. The rationale is the same. Will they mandate sterilization?

Most who have rejected the vaccine have done so on the basis of facts. And even if they didn’t, it’s their choice. Once self-determination is vanquished or politicized, we have become less humane--not more.

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