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The Battle is Here: NY Abortion Legislation

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The barbarians are among us! Last week, the New York legislature, with Governor Cuomo’s encouragement and signature, signed into law the most draconian, anti-life piece of legislation that was ever dreamed up in hell—legalizing the murder of little boys and girls up until the moment of their birth. Of course, there is a caveat—for the “health” of the mother. Please understand that the word “health” includes physical, mental, emotional, familial, or financial factors. In other words, for anyreason (or noreason at all).

Not only did this “law” get signed, it became a day of celebration. The governor ordered government buildings and bridges to be lit up in pink to celebrate this great “liberty” for women. I guess no one was taking into account the unborn women.

This outrageous act actually brings clarification to the reality of the place we are in. There’s an old saying: “I’d rather fight a known devil than an unknown devil any day of the week.” There’s no guessing here. This is a blatant declaration that those who are willing to discard human life (and celebrate the discarding of it) believe they are equal to God and that they make the rules. We are no longer dealing with bad morality. We are now clearly in amoral territory. Just days before this, Governor Cuomo was celebrating what a good Catholic he was. (I’m glad to learn that at least a few Catholic leaders have gone on record demanding an excommunication for the governor and those confessing Catholics who have signed this bill.)

The most horrifying and frightening element in all of this is that these people continually want religious endorsement and will take exception with anyone who declares them not spiritual. I’m sure that in their minds, being pro-life is a hate crime. Please, let’s be clear: if they can play God and legislate the murder of children (who are judicially innocent), then there is no other rule of human behavior that they believe they are not up to defining!

These people have declared themselves enemies of God, enemies of truth, enemies of life, enemies of compassion, enemies of women, and enemies of families. If we are truly friends of God, then we must show our affection, adoration, and commitment to Him by loving the things He loves and hating the things He hates.

This action calls out to His church to boldly denounce this tyrannical action. It calls for us to publicly, and unequivocally, speak for the true God, the only God, our Lord Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible, the head of the Church, and the captain of our salvation. If we can’t be clear now, then we don’t deserve a voice, and what voice we do have should not even be taken seriously.

There is a time in preaching the Gospel when we must not run from the battle that has been brought to our doorstep. This is that time.

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