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Rejoicing In The Harvest

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

I am convinced that we are moving toward a great awakening and the harvest of the ages. It is coming to every church that is in a united prayer movement, crying out for God to come in awesome power! While we wait for Him to come, we need to get ready by having enough leaders and laborers to disciple and preserve the harvest. At present, I am personally mentoring twenty-one southern NRP pastors. We are reading through The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman. I am challenging the pastors to develop a strategy to raise up a leader discipleship team. The genius of our Lord’s strategy to reach the multitudes was to select a few good men. “He did what He could to help the multitudes, but He devoted Himself to a few men, not the masses, so that the masses, through the few, would be saved!” –Robert Coleman Our Lord devoted Himself to the few! Through association, spending quality time with the twelve disciples, He imparted His heart to reach the lost, the suffering, and the dying. I read somewhere that He probably spent eighty percent of His time with the twelve and only twenty percent of His time preaching to the masses. Again, I encourage all pastors to select a small leadership group. Major on association—meet as a team at least twice a month, preferably in your home. The two weeks a month that you are not meeting, schedule one-on-one time with the individuals of your discipleship group. Get prepared. The harvest is coming!

Rejoicing in the Harvest, Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

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