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December Update

As we approach another Christmas season, I remain under a burden for the survival of our nation. As I shared before, we are a divided nation and are living in the darkest time of American History. The only hope for America to remain a free nation is a unified body of believers—repenting and crying out for the healing of our nation. We have a great heritage of spiritual strength and wisdom from above. The colonist had a profound sense of God’s holiness and judgment. When they were faced with plagues or natural disasters, they would run to the church-house. On bended knees they would repent and cry out for the mercy of God. Often, history reports that God would lift the crisis. Pastors, take note that as we encounter tragedy, most secular leaders declare the strong resilience of the American people. However, no one seems to be crying out for the mercy of God. Actually, very few of our spiritual leaders blow the trumpet on a national level for repentance and mercy. Sixty million unborn babies have been murdered in the wombs of would-be mothers. The P.E.W. Research Center reported that fewer than three out of ten American’s heard their pastors denounce abortion. Seventy percent of pulpits are in yellow silence. Let’s repent and call our people into a United Prayer Movement. Let’s press into repentance, revival, and reformation. Join me, let the Glory Fall! Blowing the Trumpet,

Rod Aguillard

NRP Senior Overseer


December 8-10 Destiny Fellowship | Biloxi, Mississippi Pastor Chris & Patti McCall | Marriage Encounter December 17 LifeHouse Church | Reserve, Louisiana Pastor Stephen & Laura Aguillard | Revival in the Valley of Dry Bones December 24-31 Home with Family

Please cover Mary and I in prayer. Pray for our strength and safety as we travel. Pray for the Word of the Lord and for the anointing to flow through us to encourage, to heal, and to set the captives free. Thank you!

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