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December Update

Dear Pastor, I am writing a letter of thanksgiving with a God-called prayer alert. During Band of Brothers, in the defeat of Hillary Clinton as our next president, I shared from the pulpit that we missed a bullet. Tony Perkins of FRC said, “we missed a nuclear bomb!” I agree with the latter as the better outcome. On October 12, 2016, I posted the following prophetic insight on Facebook: A Presidential Update—Why I think Hillary Clinton will not be the next president of the United States:

  1. President Obama & Hillary are Globalist

  2. I believe I am hearing that it’s not God’s time for the globalist takeover

  3. Rather, it is God’s time for the Third Great Awakening and the Harvest of the Ages!

  4. To elect Hillary would insure a globalist takeover and the loss of freedom of speech and freedom of religion

  5. Because of God’s mercy and His will for the final Harvest, the election of Hillary Clinton will not happen in Jesus name!

In God’s mercy, He spared us of a globalist takeover and the loss of freedom of religion. However, our work in pushing back the darkness and releasing the Glory of God has just begun. We have a reprieve to be in one of the greatest prayer movements of world history that will usher in the Third Great Awakening and the Harvest of the Ages. God does want to make America great again. God wants to sucker punch the giant of abortion and moral perversion. God wants to come to us in awesome power and irresistible holiness. But He must be inquired of. Pastors, let’s do it! Lead your church into a prophetic prayer movement. Cry out until He comes and His Glory fills the earth even as the waters cover the sea. Pastors, lead your church into a revival/reformation movement. Mentor your people to become activist in all the key issues of your community, state, and nation. Rejoicing in Revival, Reformation, and the Harvest of the Ages, Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

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