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Flood Update

In the midst of widespread devastation, we have been trying to focus on a few ministries and individuals that we can help. Four doors of need opened up since last Friday: 1. Pastor Ed Bledsoe and Sharon’s home was flooded near Sorrento, Louisiana. Bro Ed is my last living spiritual father. Because of your generous giving, sixty sheets of sheetrock, insulation, screws, and mud will be delivered to his home this Monday morning. During this coming week, I will make an effort to send a crew sheetrock hangers. What a joy and privilege to help a man of God that gave so much into my life over our forty-one year relationship. 2. Last night, at a United Prayer Meeting in my home church, I was notified that Dorothy Wallace, a champion for the unborn children, was flooded. Her pregnancy care clinic and home was devastated. Pastor Keith Tucci, Marvelous Mary, and I are drove in this morning to make an assessment of her damages. We really do want to get this pro-life outreach back into service. This morning I am bringing her a $5,000 check to start her recovery and we will assist her to rebuild her home and clinic. What a joy and a privilege. Again, thank you for your generous giving to make this possible. 3. Last night, I was asked to call Michele Hodge, a single mother and devoted believer who lives in St. Amant. She and her eight year old son are still living in a flooded and devastated trailer. I am certain that black mold is setting in and she has nowhere to move and no money to relocate. Pastor Keith and I will visit her trailer home Monday afternoon and make an assessment on what we can do to help her. 4. Finally Pastor Keith Tucci and I visited Bethany World Prayer Center last Friday morning. A massive rebuild needs to take place. Their 200,000 square foot building needs to have sheetrock hung. We still need skilled sheetrock hangers during the next week to start the rebuild. They can house up to thirty men. Contact Pam at the office 985-536-3971 if you can come and be part of that team. Again, thank you for caring and praying. Thank you for your generous offerings which now amount to almost $100,000. One hundred percent of all of the donations are going to help rebuild and replace personal contents. I love all of you, Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer We are still in need of finances to help flood victims. This process will last several months because fifty percent of homes, churches, and businesses were not insured for floods and skilled laborers are few. You can give online at our website.

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