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Fulfilled Promise

It is Thursday afternoon at 5:30 PM. The day and afternoon after the NRP National Conference. I am absolutely edified by the dynamic worship, the word of God in power, and the life giving fellowship of pastors, five-fold ministers and their wives. The host church, LifeHouse did an excellent job of serving and loving us.

At the same time, I am emotionally spent. For several days, I was on a roller coaster of weeping, laughing and worshipping and being impregnated with revelation knowledge. Marvelous Mary and I were honored with an Alaskan cruise and $1,000 of spending money. Thank you! The NRP leadership team started a fund for Lynne’s Hope Center a with $5,000 gift.

Eight years ago, God promised me He would give me justice for all that Mary and I suffered in the tragic death of our forty-four year old daughter Lynne Venus Aguillard. At Bro. Keith Tucci’s request, you gave another $15,000. This act of love has jump started my dream to take oppressed women in and set the captive free. By fall, our plans are to have Lynne’s Hope Center in full operation.

Thank you!

What more can I say? Dreams coming true. Pastors and wives encouraged and edified. Together we are changing regions, states and eventually our nation. Let the Glory Fall!


Rod Aguillard



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