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Worship Encouragement-Feedback

Getting feedback can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be if we ask the right questions. Ask your pastor for objective feedback. Objective feedback is data that can be evaluated so tweaks can be made. Subjective feedback falls under the “you played my favorite song, so worship was good today” category. 

Ask these questions of your pastor:

What do you look for in a worship set?

What do you want for worship?

How was the opening?

What about the transitions?

Where did the God moment happen?

Were there any glitches?

You can dive a little deeper and ask: How well did I set you up? When you got up to preach, how well did you feel the people were prepared to receive the Word of God? What do you feel would help prepare people better?

You can receive that kind of feedback when you have that kind of relationship (which goes back to expectations, spending time together, and pulling in the same direction).

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