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Worship Encouragement- Energy


No one wants to walk into a flat room, a room with no energy, no feeling in it. Nor do people want to interact with others who have no energy. Bring energy. Yes, bring prayer and preparation and all of those other things, but bring energy too. People need to feel what you are doing. They need to know that you believe it.  People can tend to have one worship face. They sing a song asking for cleansing of their sin and they sing another song crying out for more of God, and they look exactly the same in each song. They aren’t feeling the music. They aren’t feeling the moment. They are singing, but they look the same. When we worship, there should be something happening on the inside and that should be showing on the outside. Ask your worship team: When you sing this song, what are you thinking about? What emotion is it provoking? When people come into the doors of your church building, many have experienced the weight of life all week. We want them to experience a little bit of heaven while they are there. (Even if you are struggling that day, you have to put it aside because this, worshiping our King, really matters.) Remember: a HUGE part of communication is non-verbal. Posture—energy has a leaning forward to it. It’s not passive, standing back. The emotion that a song is evoking should be showing on our face, in our shoulders, in our arms—it has to do with all of us. It’s like we know something good is going to happen.  Idea: Sing in front of a mirror. It will help you learn what it looks like to have energy and what it looks like when you go flat.

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