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Worship Encouragement- Congregational Engagement

CONGREGATIONAL ENGAGEMENT What do you do when you look out at the congregation, and they are just staring back at you? On one hand, you are not responsible for their response. But on the other hand, if no one is following you, you aren’t really leading. There is a delicate balance here. Here are three practical ways you can help make it easier for your congregation to engage.

CONNECT WITH PEOPLE FROM THE STAGE We are leading people in worship. Individual people. It’s easy to just see a large group of people and miss that it is made up of individuals. You are leading Belinda in worship. You are leading Steven in worship. Look at them. Connect with them from the stage. One person might be singing, “It’s Your breath in my lungs” as they struggle with their health and are literally depending on the Lord for their breath. While another might be singing the exact same words as they realize that everything they need or want is provided for by the Lord, and the lightness that they feel with every breath is because of His goodness.

CONNECT WITH PEOPLE OFF THE STAGE It’s easy to get busy with all we have to do on a Sunday morning. Leading worship takes up a good part of the service. It is the opening and sometimes the closing. There are many moving pieces, and it’s easy to walk right past everyone as you focus on leading. But again, we aren’t leading a clump of people, we are leading individuals. Take the time to slow down and connect with those individuals. Take the time to really see them and get to know them. It’s a lot easier for them to follow someone they know. As you get to know the individuals, a trust will be built, and it will be easier for them to follow you as you lead them into worship.

MUSIC Lastly, the songs you pick set the stage for congregational engagement. Start purposefully. An upbeat praise song is a good start before moving to a more worshipful focus, and clapping is one of the most basic forms of engagement. Deep worship songs right out of the gate work well for those who have spent time in prayer and worship prior to the service, but can make others feel like they are being left in the dust. Most people in your church haven’t spent all the time that you have in preparation for Sunday. Meet your congregation where they are. Psalms is full of verses that encourage us in this...Come with me, taste and see, enter His courts with thanksgiving and praise. Let’s pick songs that invite the congregation to join in in praise and worship to our King! 

BOB SETLISTS Tony Crombie and his team did an outstanding job leading worship at BOB this year! It was amazing. 400 men, praising Jesus, shouting spontaneously, all-in—it was the most incredible thing to witness and be part of. Here are the songs and the keys they did them in. Only King Forever—key of C God of the Promise—key of A Hallelujah for the Cross—B See a Victory—key of A Living Hope—key of C# Holy Holy Holy (Bow)—key of B Lion and the Lamb—key of A Call Upon the Lord—key of B Cornerstone—key of B

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