Tearing Down Strongholds

Tearing Down Strongholds

Pastor Nick Bergeron | Fellowship of the Unashamed, Louisiana

In the book of Judges, the Lord said He would leave the enemy in the Promised Land to test Israel and to teach Israel how to war. (Judges 3:1-2) It’s very difficult to go to war if we are oblivious of our enemies’ existence or ignore them altogether. 

The enemy, Israel, and the ark were all in the Promised Land at the same time. The enemy needed to be driven out. It is the same today. God wants us to drive out the enemy. All too often I’ve seen brothers and sisters in Christ stay in bondage because we focus on other areas and programs.

Back in 2001, I dealt with mild depression that lasted for two years. The Lord impressed on me to bring my family to visit a missionary family in Mexico. While we visited, they fasted two days on and two days off. Well, that’s what my family did, too, because they did not feed us on those days! When we got back home, I noticed immediately that the depression was gone. My wife and I also began fasting consistently after that. We now fast twice a week, as well as on Sunday mornings, and for 21 days at the beginning of each year. Many in the church now participate.

Five years later, in 2006, a woman who had been in our church for three years was battling addiction and asked for prayer. While praying for this woman, the Lord impressed me to blow on her (as crazy as that sounds), and when I did, demons began to manifest and come out of this woman.

Lots of things changed in my own theology from that event. We are given a mandate by God to help our brothers and sisters gain their inheritance by driving out the enemy. God works through weakness. One reason is so He gets all the glory, and also so we don’t become proud and then be resisted by God. Jesus told His disciples that some kinds of demons can only come out through prayer and fasting. What I believe Jesus was saying was that some types of demons only come out by sincere dependence on Him.

If we are going to break the back of the enemy and tear down enemy strongholds, we will have to understand how our weakness plays an important role in seeing the victory that Jesus won for us on Calvary when He defeated the enemy. God often works through our weaknesses. 

Fasting is a type of voluntary weakness. The Apostle Paul said, “When I am weak, then He is strong.” Gideon had to reduce the size of his army so that God would get the glory. When Gideon’s army became weak, God delivered them and got all the glory. Through fasting, we are giving God our natural strength, and in return God gives us His supernatural strength to do the things we could have never done on our own.

Let’s stop being defeated by an already defeated foe. Just in the last 71 days, we have experienced 102 miraculous deliverances. Hundreds since 2006. We are believing for precious souls to be delivered from the enemy's strongholds every day this year. So far, we are seeing it take place by the Name of Jesus. To God be all the glory! We are just unprofitable servants doing what we are commanded to do, and that is to set the captives free in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

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