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Frank Rondon

Iglesia Cristiana Sion, Pennsylvania

It was heartbreaking to hear a lady say to me once that she had been praying for her husband to accept her invitation to come to church. Why, you ask? The day he finally accepted, they had to turn around because the parking lot was full, and the closest parking spot was too far away for him to walk to our building.

I already knew we had to do something, but that day, I realized we really had to do something. We began to look for a bigger building, and two years later in July of 2021, we purchased an old church that was built in 1927. It was the right size for us with a location that is what dreams are made of.

One day, when I was overwhelmed by the project, I spoke with my friend, Joe Kelley, on the phone. He pastors an NRP church in New York. After speaking with him for a few minutes, he sensed that I was overwhelmed and clueless. He was right. Forty-eight hours later, he jumped in a plane and came to Pittsburgh to help me make sense of what was going on in my life and ministry. Yes, a building project has a way of affecting your life and ministry.

I can say now that I'm on the other side of this building project. It has been one of the most stressful and productive times in my life so far. Being part of the tribe that is NRP gave me quick access to wisdom and knowledge beyond my years, and has positioned our church for impact in the years to come. It is good to be able to make a phone call or send an email and know that there are brothers that care about me and love me. Thank You NRP!

After completing all the renovations, we were able to move in, and on July 24th of this year we dedicated our new building. It seems like every neighbor wanted to come, even if just to get a peak at what the new church looks like. We even had the police department and the town mayor in attendance. We sang some hymns and we prayed. The presence of God was felt so strongly in our midst that the mayor asked for the microphone to say a few words, and then he began to weep. He thanked us for bringing renewed hope to a world that is in desperate need.

We are now fully moved in, and we are doing everything we can to prepare a church that will reign with Christ. We have ample parking now, with a little more room for people to come to know, love, and serve Christ. We are thankful for all God is doing.

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