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Monthly Prayer Focus--August

Pastors & Intercessors,

My son, Pastor Stephen Aguillard, declared to his congregation that 2019 is the Year of Justice. “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of the Lord’s throne.” Psalm 89:14. I fully agree that it is God’s time for justice to be established in our nation.

Prophetic Decrees of Justice:

1. For the Unborn Children: “The Lord will bring Justice to the orphans and the oppressed (those in the womb appointed for slaughter)! So mere people (the Democrats and Planned Parenthood)can no longer terrify them!” Psalm 10:18. From the ground, the innocent blood of unborn babies cries out to the Lord for vengeance. Father, avenge their murders; give them justice in 2019.

2. The Democratic/Socialist Party and the insane radical left are strutting round about declaring evil throughout our land—moral perversion, lawlessness at the southern border, infanticide, and abortion. But we decree: “The Lord reigns forever executing judgment from His throne and He is judging America with Justice!” Psalm 9:7-8.


God moves through the prophetic decrees of His people. Let’s keep on doing it!

Rejoicing in Justice, Bro. Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

August Itinerary

August 03-05 Gateway Church with Pastors Barry & Tami Brister in Louisiana

August 09-10 LightHouse Church with Pastors Tim & Dawn Quintrell in Missouri

August 13-15 Metro Harvest Church with Pastors Mike & Michelle Frie in Wisconsin

August 23-25 Living Hope Church with Pastors Doug & Paula Allen inn Pennsylvania

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