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Leading in the Storm

by Keith Tucci

Storms, by their very nature, are disruptive. They change your normal, interrupt your life, and demand your energy. There is one thing storms can’t do—they can’t change your destination. They will, in most cases, change the way you get there, but the storm can only interfere with how you get there…not where you are going.

In Acts 27, we are familiar with Paul’s eloquent pronouncement declaring God’s intervention to save them from the storm. However, Acts 28 reveals a key…

Acts 28:11 

At the end of three months we set sail on an Alexandrian ship which had wintered at the island, and which had the Twin Brothers for its figurehead.

They were stuck on an island—a place they had no intention to be, under circumstances that were not of their choosing. For 3 months they were put on hold. Those circumstances did not change the destination!

It’s what happened in that unfamiliar place during those 3 months that should have our attention. What happened? Revival. Miracles. Favor. Read Acts 28.

Wherever this storm has us, God is with us and mighty to save. There is a season to burn the boats so there is no return and a season to build because you have somewhere to go.

It’s time to build the boat! The destination has not changed.

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