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Join us in Praying for Real Needs


We had two ministry teams that just returned from Ukraine ministry. We had a logistics team arrive yesterday. Their job is to purchase and oversee the distribution of $100,000 of food and supplies. Plans have already been made with Romanian food wholesalers who are bringing in bulk shipments of food from other parts of Europe. There is a team of Romanians who will sort and repackage the food and supplies into smaller quantities for family distribution.

We are hoping to use trailer trucks to move the supplies to five different distribution points in Ukraine. These are all local churches we are working with, and they are housing and feeding many people. The distribution points are in Cernauti, Ternopil, Kiev, Mariupol, and hopefully Nikolaev. Several of these are conflict zones. We will use smaller trucks and backroads for safety and security.

Please pray for safety for those who are doing the transporting. These zones are high priority as the need is great.

Thank you for your prayers and giving. We are making a difference one life at a time.

Please use all your social media platforms to let people know they can make a difference. Every dollar is on the ground, providing help and resources. We take no overhead costs out of the donations. Everyone serving is doing so from their own funds. There is no more effective tool than local churches.

You can share our NEW giving page HERE. Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, and share our posts as well. Thank you for helping make history His-Story!

In the Master’s Service,

Keith Tucci

NRP Apostolic Team Leader

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