How Believers Relate to Government

How do believers relate to government? What does the Bible have to say about it?  In November of 2014, Keith Tucci was pastoring a church in Pennsylvania and preached a message out of Romans 13 on this very issue. His message was in response to an issue he had been involved in in Houston. At the time, the Houston mayor tried to pass a “bathroom bill” for unisex bathrooms. When pastors collected signatures to block the bill (all done legally), the mayor then issued subpoenas for their sermon notes and other personal records. You can read what happened HERE. In the end, after meeting with pastors, including Keith Tucci, the mayor ended up dropping the subpoenas. 

Keith Tucci was quoted in response to the situation, saying, “These are not political issues. These are issues that are relevant to the preaching of the Gospel.”

Although today we find ourselves in a different situation than those in Houston in late 2014, the questions are still the same: How do believers relate to government, and what does the Bible have to say about it? Watch the message below, and be encouraged today.

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