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Connect The Dots


an excerpt from an article written by Dr. Jim Garlow

This is an excerpt from an article written by Dr. Jim Garlow. He is the former pastor of Skyline Church in San Diego, where John Maxwell preceded him. He has been a very clear leader in the prolife movement. You can read the full article HERE.

“God didn’t do it. Faith didn’t do it… We did it,” was said by the same governor who on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, of all days, signed into law that a baby can be killed up to the very moment of birth. Horrific. To add to the offense, the New York anti-human life legislators cheered–yes, openly cheered–at the thought of their new murderous legislation. The One World Trade Center in New York City was lit up in the color pink that night to honor the legalized killing. Think of it! The building should have been lit in red, mourning the blood of innocent babies that was flowing under the streets of the city! The building that was rebuilt over the 9/11 ruins of the World Trade Towers, taken out by Islamists resulting in thousands of deaths of innocent adults in the past, was lit up celebrating the deaths of thousands of innocent babies in the future! 

For one month I have been careful not to speak this next thought, the proverbial “connecting of the dots.” But with Governor Cuomo’s stunning, self-adulating and idolatrous “God-didn’t-do-it” declaration, I will now break my self-imposed silence. 

I will state it as a question: Is there, by chance, a spiritual “connection of dots” that needs to be made between the “spirit of death” released on New York State by the much celebrated “murder-of-babies bill” and the horrific outbreak that has happened in that one state?

How does one explain that one single state out of 50 has more cases and deaths than any of the other 49 states or any of the 193 countries of the world? How is that possible? Is it their high population? Hardly. There are plenty of countries and states that have higher populations. There are four states that have a higher population than New York State. There are 58 countries that have a higher population than New York State. Could it be because New York City is so populated? No. There are seven cities that have higher populations than New York City. Could it be because New York City has so many international travelers (thus bringing disease)? No, there are six global cities that have more international travelers. 

Why New York State, and specifically New York City? I don’t know. But I do know that the governor and legislators of the state shouted for joy when they passed a bill to murder babies, even the second before birth. And this same careless governor announced that pro-lifers were not welcome in his state. If pro-lifers are not welcome, who is welcome? Pro-death-ers? Apparently. Has the governor, a man who is trying to save the lives of Coronavirus patients but who legislates to kill babies, invited the “spirit of death” into his state and his city? I have one word for Governor Cuomo: “Repent!” We should pray for this man.

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