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Monthly Prayer Focus--February

Immediately after the election of Donald Trump, I believe I heard the Holy Spirit warning that we had just made a beachhead just like on D-Day at Normandy Beach in 1944. Following that infamous beachhead on the shores of northeast France, the months of bloody fighting to defeat the deeply entrenched Germans lay ahead of the allied forces.

Following the historic election of Donald Trump, a beachhead was made, but the main struggle was in front of us due to deeply entrenched demonic powers in the Deep State, Mainstream Media, and Democratic National Committee. Only through the power of united prophetic intercession will this demonic-empowered swamp be defeated.

Prophetic decrees for the survival of a free America:

A prophetic decree of justice: “O Lord, hear our pleas for justice. Listen to our cry for help!” Psalm 17:1. Give justice in the Deep State. Remove the evil and the Trump haters, in Jesus’ name.

The blood of innocent unborn babies cry out for justice! “The Lord says, I have seen violence done to the helpless (aborted babies). Now I will rise up and rescue them!” Psalm 12:5. Father, in Jesus’ name, give us justice through the Supreme Court by the appointment and confirmation of pro-life judges.

Critical Decree for our President: “Guard him as you would guard your own eyes. Lord, hide him in the shadow of Your wings. Protect him from the evil people who attack him.” Psalm 17:8-9 (The “evil people” being the Mainstream Media, the Deep State, the Globalists, and the Hollywood Trump haters!)

Praying with you, Bro. Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

February Itinerary

February 03 Freedom Fellowship Church in Florida Pastors Joe & Karen Warner February 04-06 NRP National Conference Orlando, Florida February 17 New Jerusalem Praise & Worship Center in Louisiana Setting in new lead Pastor Chad Cocran February 24 Harvest Church in Louisiana Pastors Larry & Angie Russo

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