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January Update

My Heavy Burden for 2018

During the last forty-five years, the church has slept and refused to engage the culture. As we focused on our church models, the progressive liberals took over the gates of cultural influence—arts and entertainment, education, government, the main stream media, business, the family, and religion. Only through Repentance, Revival and Reformation can we take back these gates of influence. Only then can our nation survive a Globalist take-over and become great again!

Let’s get desperate in United Prayer and cry out for God to rend the Heavens, come down, and awaken His sleeping church with power and purpose.

Let’s not only be the light of the world, winning souls and making disciples, but let us become the salt of the earth—exposing the darkness of personal sin and raising up a generation of Nazarites. Let us be the salt of the earth by engaging our culture: continuing to expose the national sins of humanism, abortion, and moral perversion. Let’s take back the seven mountains of cultural/societal influence.

Rejoicing in the Challenge of a New Year,

Rod Aguillard

NRP Senior Overseer


January 6-7 Gateway Assembly | Sterling Louisiana Pastor Barry & Tami Brister | Refreshing January 13-14 Life Church | Flowood, Mississippi Pastor Frank & Tonia Hornsby | Refreshing January 18-22 Calvary Assembly of God | Honolulu, Hawaii Pastor Terry & Vicky Wong | Prophetic Encounter

Please pray for Marvelous Mary and I. Pray for our strength and for the anointing to bring healing to the hurting, hope to the hopeless, and deliverance to the captive. Thank you!

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