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Band of Brothers – North 2017 Recap

Every year I always say, "This is the best one yet!" In all honesty I have to say that again this year too. Even though I dearly missed seeing my southern brethren, this new small group feel was so good on so many levels. The teaching, the worship, the fellowship, breakouts, the hospitality, the venue, was just as good as its always been. It's always been superb, and it was this year as well.

The theme and the teaching about the theme, "The Battle for Your Life," was so right on for men, and it hit me and my guys right where we live. Joe's message on "Purity," Keith Hodges on "Winning the Battle Everyday," Mike Frie on "Work," Bro. Rod hit it out of the park I thought by just keeping it so real. He was so transparent and I loved how he just wasn't afraid to show the things he battles. It ministered to me and I know it did all of us. It was encouraging to know from the main guy that he had real life struggles just like we do. Keith Tucci closed out with that great message on "Finishing," my guys, we were all impacted by it. It was time and money well invested and has already had and will continue to have a big big pay off in terms of growth and stability, and daily victory for all of us who went from Church of the Living Water.

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