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November Update

Dear Pastor & Intercessors, First and foremost, we are living in a dark and desperate hour. Isaiah 60:2 nailed the time we are living in “…deep darkness would cover the nations…” But God! In this dark hour; God said that His Glory would come upon His people. Therefore, I along with many other leaders are pressing into the Third Great Awakening and the Harvest of the Ages. In this desperate hour, we are facing the most important presidential election in the history of our nation. Our choice is between a Jehu (Donald Trump) and a Jezebel (Hillary Clinton). Jehu eventually became King, not a godly King. He was ruthless and unrighteous, yet God used him to bring justice to the evil actions of Jezebel. We may see a repeat of this in modern history. I do, with a clean conscience, recommend a vote for Donald Trump based on the following policies of the Trump/Pence ticket:

  1. The possible appointments of pro-life constitutional Supreme Court Judges.

  2. The rebuilding of a depleted military.

  3. Closing the southern border.

  4. The vetting of illegal immigrants and stopping the influx of Syrian refugees.

  5. Destroy ISIS.

  6. Abolish ObamaCare.

  7. Destroying the democratic party establishment along with the progressive liberals (The Globalist).

  8. Renew our friendship with Israel and treat Iran as an enemy.

  9. Godly men will be some of his close advisors.

In closing, let’s agree to pray Psalms 94:1-2 “O Lord, the God to whom vengeance belongs. O God of vengeance let your glorious justice be seen! Arise, O judge of the earth, sentence the proud to the penalties they deserve!” Father in Jesus name, don’t let the wicked boast any more. They have made void your law too long and have murdered innocent unborn children. Visit the evildoers with justice and empower the Godly! Rejoicing, Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

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