Feb. 01-03, 2021

in the greater New Orleans area


Chris Hodges

Jim Anderson

Keith & Penny Tucci


CHRIS HODGES is the founding and senior pastor of Church of the Highlands, based in Birmingham, Alabama, with campuses across the state. With a deep passion for training leaders and equipping pastors, he actively serves the Association of Related Churches (ARC), the GROW leadership coaching network, and Highlands College. A bestselling author, Chris will launch his next book, Out of the Cave, in 2021. He and his wife, Tammy, have five children and five grandchildren. 

JIM ANDERSON is an author and international speaker. Jim and his wife, Lisa, serve on the pastoral care team at their local church in Washington. Together they lead Sexuality Unmasked, a movement committed to establishing God's biblical standard for family, purity, and sexuality. He has a passion for equipping churches and leaders to minister to those coming out of sexual brokenness. 

Chad & Nan Cocran


“Genuine relationships are here, sincere love is here, biblical covering is here, sound doctrine and theology are here, fresh vision is here, solidity is here, unity is here, and most importantly, the Holy Spirit is here.” Pastor Jake Claunch, TN

“What is NRP to me? Excellent leadership and covering. Accountability and government

for the local church. Excellent conferences and relationships. Biblically faithful. Provides encouragement, direction, and wisdom.” Pastor Chuck Vizthum, MI

“NRP is one of the greatest things I have personally experienced in my life. It is a network of pastors that fathers pastors. How important is a father to a family? That’s how important NRP is to a local pastor. Every pastor needs a pastor, and every father, needs a father and that is what I’ve found with NRP.” Pastor Keith Hodges, AL

Feb 01-03, 2021 | Greater New Orleans area


Healthy leaders. Healthy churches.

Going to the NEXT LEVEL!

We want to not only inspire you to take the next step in your leadership, but to walk with you as you do. You don't have to know everything or be good at everything. To get to the NEXT LEVEL, you have to see a path, have a partner, make a plan, and then move forward. Ever feel overwhelmed with all the details of ministry and all the distractions? The ministry only goes to the NEXT LEVEL when you do. Join us in February, and let’s go to the NEXT LEVEL together.