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At NRP we provide fathering and spiritual oversight for the Lead Pastor and his family. In addition, we give assistance to enhance the vision of the church, and also provide impact training for the Lead Pastor and Leadership Team. Church planting is central to our mission and we network and help finance this effort across North America and regions beyond. We work to raise up a prophetic generation of sons and daughters who will engage our culture and we are a connection for relational partnership and oversight. We help raise up a multi-generational church. We are NRP.


We believe the Godhead is one in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that scripture, the Holy Bible, is inspired by God, inerrant, and the final authority for all people for all time. We believe that Jesus Christ is God and man, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, crucified in the flesh, resurrected bodily after the third day, ascended into heaven, and is now at the right hand of God, one day to return. We believe that man was created in the image of God, but that his sin resulted in physical death, spiritual death (separation from God), and eternal death (hell). We believe that all human beings are born with a sinful nature and are in need of redemption through Jesus. We believe that when Jesus gave His life on the cross, He bore the punishment for our sins, and that all who believe in Him are justified and redeemed by His sacrifice. We believe in the bodily resurrection of the redeemed to go to heaven and the bodily resurrection of the lost to be cast into hell. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are evident in the life of believers today. We believe in the presence and application of the offices of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher, and pastor in the local church. We believe that the local church is the expression of the Body of Christ in the world today.



In 1972, a group of local pastors began to meet together. As the group grew, Pastor Rod Aguillard of Reserve Christian Church was elected to moderate the group, known as Gulf States Pastors Fellowship (GSPF).  In 1978, Jim Clark formed Minister’s Training Institute (MTI). At the time, he was the pastor of New Roads Church in New Roads, Louisiana. While MTI operated from New Roads for a time, it was moved to Baton Rouge in 1987. Later, Gulf States Missionary Agency was formed to assist in GSPF mission’s efforts.


In 1985, GSPF created United for Life, which championed the fight against abortion. Throughout the years and through organizational changes, this value has remained steadfast at the heart of NRP.  


As GSPF continued to grow in influence, broadening its network of churches, it transitioned into a larger organization, known today as Network of Related Pastors. NRP now provides relationally-focused mentoring to local pastors across the country, facilitating vision for the local church and partnering with them in the ultimate goal—to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

NRP is a trusted team of pastors and leaders whose mission is to empower, encourage, and equip local churches to effectively reach their communities for Christ. Our endeavor is to complement and advance the vision of the church through relationship, teaching, accountability and support.  As we unite to grow churches, we continue to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We are NRP.  

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